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MusicadaRipostiglio #LiveinCapalbio3.0

May 08, 2017

If you believe to have found a room in which to hide the home mess amassing old toys or old clothes, we suggest you look elsewhere because in this special ‘Ripostiglio’ (closet) you’ll find anything.
Musica da Ripostiglio was founded by twenty-year collaboration between Luca Giacomelli and Luca Pirozzi.
When the two musicians present their music on stage, the audience, having fun, perceived to participate in a show rather than a concert in the traditional sense. This is the atmosphere captured by the registration of VDM entitled "Live in Capalbio 3.0”, on the occasion of the concert held in the famous Tuscan town.
The most advanced audio recording technology in DXD/DSD meets pure emotion of an artist reaching his audience unfiltered. This was possible thanks to Bio recording Direct to Disk Live, a certified technique that VDM Records provides to guarantee a “genuine” product; music is made available to the listener without alterations, without editing, without any “make up” that normally embellishes musical and artistic productions.
Musica da Ripostiglio as well as offering live music and shows, also creates music for film and children's music collection in introductory music audiobooks, in a versatility which reflects the interests of Giacomelli and Pirozzi which offer a surprise on every shelf of this special Ripostiglio, the most musical and loved in Italy.

       DSD64/128/256 & DXD

       DSD64/128/256 & DXD