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Nadac by Merging Technologies



NADAC - Network Attached Digital to Analogue Converter


Advanced technology developed for F1 racing has dramatically benefited every modern car. Similarly, benefits gained from years of developing cutting-edge products for the professional recording community can be made available to the discerning audiophile. The NADAC is not unique because of the components it uses, but in the care with which it was designed and the experience behind it. By introducing RAVENNA networking to the home, we not only remove traditional limitations, we totally transform the performance we can deliver.




The 8 channels of Merging Reference D/A converter are merged into 2 for improved linearity, greater dynamic range and a lower noise floor.


The 8 channel version can be set at any time to operate in 8 discrete channel mode, or stereo mode to enjoy the same advantages of merging 8 into to 2 channels as the stereo version .



Web based remote control of menu functions and volume. Any web enabled smartphone, tablet or computer can control the listening level and the source selection of any NADAC on the network. This allows you to remotely control any NADAC in any zones in your building with a unique remote control: your phone or tablet.