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Samuele Telari #Limes

May 06, 2017

Taken from written introduction by Sandro Cappelletto:
"Ascolta. Sai ancora ascoltare"

The new cd by Samuel Telari arises in this context and thanks to a reflection shared with Igor Fiorini, musician and sound Director, who thus reflected: "We are developing new ways of listening that combine technology and quality. There are sites dedicated high definition, pending the high definition streaming. As a result, is changing the market. We also work to return your desire for a natural listening, capable of restoring the details of touch, of phrasing, timbre, resonance, which often is now impossible to perceive by listening reproduced. " This recording was made from head to bottom without interruption during the execution of each song without subsequent cuts during Assembly and interventions in the mix. As with a live concert, recorded in a dedicated room. Work study and time, the inner attitude of the interpreter were those needed in a recital, not a live recording session in the studio. The difference is radical and, along with the other parameters, is aimed at the realization of a prototype, which is also a strategy of commercial compensation, uncertain today for the product disc. Technology, art and market.

The most advanced audio recording technology in DXD/DSD will meet the artist's most instinctive emotion that will come to the public without filters thanks to the guarantee of bio recording, direct from live a certification that VDM records provides to ensure the "genuineness of the product" understood as a music that arrives at the listener without alteration, without that "make up" that normally embellishes the sound product , musical and artistic.

A program so rich in mystery, a mosaic of extreme sounds, strong, heartbreaking, solemn, cryptic that show the great timbre variety of the Bayan but above all as universal and timeless sentiments may have aroused in the composers, from Bach to Turi, different emotions, having pushed them to leave to mankind great masterpieces.

Registered on 26/27 November 2015 at the Red Room of Rosso Fiorentino

        DSD64/128/256 & DXD

        DSD64/128/256 & DXD