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Sonic Rade #Sideways

June 06, 2016

The album “Sideways” includes 12 original tracks by Sonic Rade and is available in various format; from CD to Digital Distribution (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify,...) as well as High Resolution Audio (DXD & DSD)

Sonic Rade was formed in 2010 in Switzerland on the shore of the Rade (named after Geneva’s harbor). The band is a trio composed of a Canadian and two Swiss; Ricardo Ryan (vocals and guitar), Christian
Fonjallaz (bass and back vocals) and Christophe Grand (drums and back vocals). Sonic Rade sound is inspired by many genres of popular music and can be described as Pop/Rock with a touch of melancholy. The guitars and rhythmic section bring a percussive and sparkling original sound. The lyrics focus on personal themes and social facts.


Ricardo Ryan: Vocals, Guitars and Synths
Christian Fonjallaz: Bass, Piano, Rhodes and Back Vocals
Christophe Grand: Drums, Percussions and Back Vocals
Music: Sonic Rade E Lyrics: Ricardo Ryan
Engineered and Mixed by: Xavier Dromard
Recorded at: Blend Studio, Lutry, Switzerland
Mastering by DXD Audio Factory Network, Rome, Italy
Igor Fiorini Mastering Sound Producer and Daniele Zazza Sound Engineer
Produced by: Sonic Rade, VDM Records & Xavier Dromard Photography: Francois Blin www.blyo-photographie.com Graphic layout: VDM Records & Sonic Rade

         DSD64/128/256 & DXD

         DSD64/128/256 & DXD