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Artisan workmanship, technology and durability


These are the three fundamental values of VDM Design, taking form in its products. Take a look, for example, at the synthesis between handcrafted wood and metal working of System24; it is a functional design that follows the professional requirement, using the best materials in a refined and rugged style at the same time. The creation of VDM products is a unique process in which artisans and specialists that perpetuate a unique tradition, use the best quality wood, acrylic, aluminum, which they cut and work by hand. Our System24 was designed and built to travel  and work in every studio in the four corners of the earth or to live in a best refined
listening room and gives you the opportunity to  test its and your limits. System24 is modular, customized, versatile and it allows you to connect the indoor with the outdoors in ways you never dreamed possible

3 versions
Audiophile - Studio - Live





starting from € 4.420,00 + VAT



starting from € 2.700,00 + VAT


  • Unique style and power in small dimensions (8.8 x 22 x 37.5 em)

  • Solid pure natural aluminum

  • RAW finishing or Hand Made finishing Silk/Mirror/Matte

  • Customer name etched on the front panel

  • Ultra silent regulated airflow for the highest components

  • performances

  • German and Japanese capacitors on voltage regulated board

  • Special Solid Aluminum Side Panel for superior stability, dissipation and insulation

  • Storage up to 5 HOD

  • Single and Double System24 Rack mounting option

  • Special Designed Heavy Solid Aluminum platform with anti vibration feet or column

  • Slot for external 2,5 HOD used as cartridge; Hot Swap mounting system (especially designed for those who need to change hard drives often, like location Recording dedicated DAW)

  • Hi-End components

  • i7 CPU Embedded I 16Gb HiGrade RAM Industrial STD

  • 128Gb Embedded HiGrade OS HDD

  • OS WIN7 Embedded specially designed for Musical Experience